• Church Calling

    Church calling gives religious leaders the ability to reach their entire congregation in a matter of seconds with the click of a button - there is no hardware or software required.

  • Church Texting

    We also offer the ability to send out text messages on top of the traditional voice messages. This allows a unique way of communication between the church and its members.

  • Call Reports

    ChurchCalling.com includes detailed call reports so that you can track every single religious message that you broadcast through our system. You will not be charged for unsuccessful calls.


How It Works

Our church calling services cost absolutely nothing to sign up for and there are no hidden installation fees or charges. Once you have purchased credits or a monthly plan, you will be able to broadcast your voice/text messages to your congregation instantly from any web browser or touch-tone phone - there is no hardware/software installation necessary. Our voice broadcasting services are extremely reliable and efficient which is why thousands of churches around the country use ChurchCalling.

Special Features